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Candidates & Skin Type

Who is NOT a good candidate for microblading?

People with:

- Diabetes

- Keloids

- HIV- Aids

- Low pain tolerance

- Very thin sensitive skin

- Rosacea

- Raynaud’s disease syndrome

- Scleroderma

- Hemophilia

- Von willebrand’s disease

- Systemic lupus


- Allergic to any component of pigments

- Active tuberculosis

- Non treated malignant diseases

- Metabolic diseases

- Epilepsy

- Any condition in which person needs to take anticoagulant medications

- Seboreic dermatitis

- People undergoing chemotherapy

- People under 18

- High Anxiety

- Pregnant or Nursing

Skin Conditions:

- Any skin condition around the eye area should also avoid microblading

- Skin Types and Microblading Results:

    1) Normal to dry skin– best healing results expected

    2) Young skin- results may fade faster

    3) Mature skin- results may last longer

    4) Oily skin- may have poor healing results

- When using skin cell rejuvenation products– results may fade faster

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