"You are beautiful, always remember that." 

                             - Michelle Montes 

Hello my name is Michelle Montes. This is my biography to convey who I am and why I am so passionate about the Art of MicroBlading...

Ever since I can remember, I have had a love for and gained inspiration from all kinds of artistic influences. My journey in the Beauty Industry began over 20 years ago as a makeup artist. Where I learned the importance of face shape, colors, undertones, and well balanced eyebrows; which all come together to accentuate and bring out the beauty of your facial features. I went on to gain my Esthetician license which further increased my understanding of facial structure, skin, and the importance of the quality of the ingredients we use on our skin.

Several years back I discovered there was a more permanent way to have eyebrows that looked so natural, would save you time getting ready every morning and would help women bring out their beautiful features, which was the art of MicroBlading! I followed up my obsession by praying & trusting the Lord to provide the right timing, people, mentors, training & doors to open so I could provide the best to my clients. I knew that if I wanted to be the best artist in the Microblading industry, I needed to train with the best in the world. After researching for a while of who I could train with, I discovered PhiBrows MicroBlading Academy. Everything they represent is done with excellence from their training, to my very seasoned Mentor to the high standards of the tools & ingredients in the pigments they produced. They truly represented a vision and passion for MicroBlading that I too am whole heartedly behind. I would not even consider touching someone's face unless I was fully confident in my artistry skills and the integrity behind the tools/pigments I would be using on my clients. And after training with them I can confidently say they gave me wings to fly. I plan on continuing to further my training in MicroBlading because I believe there is always a desire to learn and grow in any form of art. 

Although microblading eyebrows seems to be more accepted now than in the past I am not MicroBlading because it's the new beauty trend, or because everyone seems to be doing it that's in the beauty industry or to make quick money. I'm doing it because I've been dreaming about pursuing it for the last four years! Every time I had a makeup client I would envision how amazing I could make their eyebrows (which I did with makeup but I knew it could be better and look so natural with MicroBlading!) and every time I was giving someone a facial or waxing their eyebrows I would obsess over my clients who had great eyebrows, studying the way the eyebrow hairs flowed effortlessly into the next, sculpting the perfect eyebrow and framing their eyes magnificently! Or if they didn't have nice eyebrows then once again envisioning how I could help them to actually have them. During that time when anyone asked me what I thought about MicroBlading I would have two intense reactions #1 How amazingly brilliant it is #2 A sick to my stomach feeling because I wasn't pursuing my passion. So you see I was destined to be right where I am today and there is nothing else in this world I'd rather be doing right now! The last thing I would like you to know about me is I have been richly blessed with the opportunity to pursue my dream and it is with the greatest honor I thank my clients for entrusting me with their beautiful faces/eyebrows and my hearts desire is that my clients leave knowing they look and feel beautiful.